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Wowhead Client клиент Wowhead — небольшое приложение, с помощью которого вы можете обновить данные на сайте, а так же воспользоваться дополнительными возможностями! Вы также можете использовать Wowhead Client, чтобы просматривать выученные рецепты, выполненные задания, собранные ездовые животные и спутники и полученные звания!

Данный сайт активно использует технологию JavaScript. Пожалуйста, Включите JavaScript в вашем браузере. Комментарии Комментарий от SethIsBack Несложный, но долгий квест. Комментарий от BlondeX Делал этот квест не раз, всегда вёл петуха в Порт Картеля, но сегодня что-то было не так. Началось сопровождение петуха, прошли очень мало, появился пак скорпионов, убили их, петух заявил, что включает систему маскировки и Комментарий от lapusy а что делать еси курятина свалила пока тя мобы били.

Комментарий от lopolop Сделал 2 квеста: Комментарий от thehunterbeast Засчитывается в Хранитель мудрости Калимдора. Комментарий от ivanwow я где этот Карлс Пропеллерз? Комментарий от Natalko Во время сопровождения курица после очередного боя остановилась, прокричала: Отвисла тогда, когда реснулись мобы рядом, подралась и благополучно побежала до конца квеста. Комментарий от Am1GO Для того, чтобы узнать, какие квесты уже были сделаны , а какие нет, нужно скопировать следующий макрос в чат WoW: SetScript "OnEvent",f ;QueryQuestsCompleted После этого вы увидите ID квестов, которые ещё не были сделаны.

Список ID и соответствующих им квестов: Если вы не видите никаких ID, то это значит, что вы сделали все необходимые квесты. Стоит обратить внимание на то, что этот макрос можно использовать 1 раз в минуту для 1 аккаунта, поэтому, если вы хотите проверить квесты для нескольких персонажей, то нужно будет подождать 1 минуту. Комментарий от Antimodern С выходом катаклизма квест стал значительно легче. Комментарии Комментарий от hungry Just 2 ambushes: Комментарий от smack80 I must suck because I did this on my 60 hunter and failed it twice, but did it on my 45 paladin and succeeded.

You have to keep mobs aggro off the chicken because he dies easily. Комментарий от kidd Me a lv 45 Hunter and a lv 46 worrier finshed this quest easyly I dont recomend doing it by yourself and allways let the chicken hit first becuase if you dont he will keep walking and aggroing more. Комментарий от davsfc I done this quest as a lvl 43 prot AoE pally, it took two attempts.

The first time the chicken died when i bubbled against the Mage and the 2 assassins because he pulled all the agro. I healed and ruined their day but really they had already ruined mine! Anyway, next time i got through with no problems.

Спасти кпх 17 tn прохождение

I killed the scopids pally AoE style BoSanc, Ret Aura, SoLight, holy shield. I consecrated to pull any agro off the chicken. This was the toughest fight by far. I think i even used Lay on hands after some wolf joined in. I killed everything slowly from then on so that my health and mana kept going up, BoWis, SoL does it for pallys. I changed to Prot Aura too for the chicken! You can always take a potion or bandage. I switched to Shadow res Aura before i got to the mage and Co. Killed mage first, pulled the agro from the chicken with consecration.

Then went back to pally AoE again to finish off the assassins. Sorry this is really only a pally guide The longest part of this was finding the chicken! Which got me killed once but the second time i pulled a lvl 50 basilisk and half way through that i pulled another lvl 50 giant bug that dropped critters. Комментарий от lordgreg I soloed this quest as lvl46 hunter without any problem. Just stay behind a chicken a bit, when he aggroes, attack one mob after another with your pet, so your pet will take aggro for all three mobs attacking chicken.

Найди КПХ-17/TN!

Комментарий от Alderaan Pain attention if you are a mage to aggro on you Комментарий от Niffes Easy soloed by a 48 Shadowpriest. Just fear the ambushes and keep Shadow Word Pain on all mobs in the ambushes. Would like to hear some more reports of doing this after 2. Комментарий от Wingu This little bugger runs right infront of Caverns of Time. I tried to do this but every time I bump into high-level hordes who find it funny to ruin my questing. Just a notice, everyone should be careful while doing this.

Instead of fearing ambushers for the escort quests, I usually try to find a different way. The first group I thought would be like the previous groups I ran into, and come from a distance, so I mounted and scorpions spawn in a circle surrounding the chicken, and immediately start attacking. For reference, I found my chicken was able to stay alive for at least 25 or so seconds, easily with one scorpion and poison on him. The chicken ran past or into several mobs on the way, before, after, and in between ambushes.

I just join him in the fight, these are typically single mobs, I got occasional doubles. The second group does approach from a distance, so I was able to mount and kite them, just running through, and then past the group. The mage was only able to cast on me once, and the melees got 2 attacks per? After seeing this was quite possible, I dropped mount and engaged. Комментарий от bruhihi Just soloed this chicken-escort with my lvl 44 Warlock, guess they kinda nerfed it with 2.

Комментарий от Yeoman Followup of this quest is An OOX of Your Own , but available only after completing all 3 separate quests of finding distress beacons in corresponding zones: Комментарий от Almitywity I had a hard time with the humans, so I tried to do the Undead thing and eat them. The chicken, however, felt this was unnecessary, and chose to go on without me, and I failed the quest so close to the end.

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Комментарий от Proteo Soloed as 45 AoE pally grinder without any problems. I just run slightly before the chicken and lured stuff on me, had all aggro so chicken was safe. Комментарий от Mosweetthang coords are 60,64 btw. Комментарий от Ancarma Just a small hint: I made this mistake and got an ambush of 4 scorpids and a land rager instead of the 3 scorpids. Комментарий от Soaa I was doing the quest and at one point the chicken just suddenly disappeared even though no one was hitting him and he was right next to me.

So neither you nor the chicken will have to engage, except for possibly the ambush groups. If you fail the quest at one fo the groups, that one will also stick around and be available for kiting. Комментарий от Abdulmaiden Soloed as 44 level druid feral. First part was kind of hard which is scorpids. Never attack any mob before they attack your chicken. The chicken does really good and helpful damage on mobs, he can even pull the mob with his DPS capability. When scorpids come do all of your hots on you, and go for bear form, kill one of the scorpids, then use War Stomp If your damage is low.

Then use all of the hots again and go cat form. After you killed the scorpids, innervate yourself or just drink. After the humanoids come, do the same thing when scorpids came. Humanoids can flee, so be aware they can run away from you and pull other mobs. After you killed humanoids, you just walk. And kill the mobs on the road if you have to. Комментарий от Gaark You know what killed me after doing a corpse run, using a pot and following a chicken around for a few minutes?

Engaging cloak for transport to Booty Bay! Комментарий от Raelen Tried to do this quest today, 1 Dec with my lvl 46 feral druid. When I have done this quest before with other characters, it has been soloable with a little effort. Since the camp mostly consisted of Wastewander Shadow Mages who hit pretty hard with their shadow bolts and have voidwalker minions on top of that, AND who flee when on low health pulling a few more mobs - hey, the more the merrier, right?

P , try as I might I could not kill them, not even take the aggro off the chicken before the chicken was dead. It seemed to take about 4 shadow bolts and a few hits from the meleers to kill the chicken. I guess I was a little slow reacting, might have been able to heal the chicken or do something else, but.. One way to get past this, I suppose, would be to ride in pulling the camp myself, but about shadow-bolting mobs on me does not sound particularly appealing, and if I get knocked off my mount, it can hurt.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Комментарий от JKremis23 Original: Very easy, yet up there on the list of terrible quests. I dread this one every time and not quite sure why I now remember why I hate it so much That is untill he runs along the damn beach and pulls about 6 people, half of which throw shadow bolts around for about Thought SR Aura would solve that The poisons end as soon as he leaves combat, but still Where the hell did that come from?

He couldnt take the wussy rogue style way out from the start? I will never become a vegetarian We need to wipe this species off the planet. Completed it with some difficulty. The robot chicken pulls several random critters.

Спасти кпх 17 tn прохождение

I followed the chicken and when it looked like our path would cross with monster s , I would use Charge ability to stun and engage the mobs. At one point I had 2 basilisks and a scorpion at one time. Hack-n-slay away, finally beat them.

Спасти кпх 17 tn прохождение

Health really low at this point. Well timed healing potions and multi-monster attackes Thunder Clap, Sweeping Strike and Cleave are really helpful. Got jumped by 3 Wastewander members, they just materialize out of no where. Again hack-n-slay, they were much easier, one took off on me but bled out before he could bring any buddies with him.

Other then that, really no problem. Get a nice shield and XP reward Комментарий от dt I hate escort quests for the simple fact that whoever or whatever you are escorting always takes a route to deliberately aggro as many mobs as possible. When I did this quest as a 47 Prot Paladin I had no problems protecting him until we were in sight of Steamwheedle Port. It was there that I was walking right beside the chicken, a scorpid attacked me but left the chicken alone, which kept right on walking. Halfway through the scorpid fight a hyena had to stick his nose into my business.

By the time I killed both the scorpid and the hyena the chicken was dead and "Quest Failed" because he kept on walking while I was fighting. Besides, the two quest rewards consist of a shield which is not better than the one I already have and some other useless "novelty" item. As for the lost XP I can easily make that up on another quest. Everything was going fine until i came a cross 3 scorpids who jumped in and attacked me and the chicken.

I layed down AoE and then another 2 hyenas decided to attack so i took the threat off the chicken and managed to kill all five creatures exhausting mana but only getting taken down to quarter health. I think this was the most tense part of the whole quest. If i didnt have buffs i dont think i would have completed the quest. Комментарий от yunusual This quest counts for the Loremaster of Kalimdor achievement. For hunters it seems the best strategy is to run ahead when the first ambush comes, drop a freeze trap, feign, run back and nuke one of the non-frozen mobs.

Then get your pet to charge the other non-frozen mobs, and do a sustained dps on it so that you dont take aggro. If not, concussive shot, then run up and wing clip, shoot down the 2nd mob, and drop the freeze trap when its off cool down. Finish the 2nd mob, viper and drink until the 3rd mob is freed, and repeat what you did for phase two. I found this strategy works with the hinterlands quest and the first two ambushes in feralas, but with the gnolls check out the comments for feralas.

Комментарий от No0bsPwn Okay, got a minor problem on this quest. Ive escorted the chicken in and so on, but afterwards i realized it should be turned in at booty bay, so i abandonded the quest yeah i know - dumb me. Absolutely ridiculous, horrible AI, the pathing is a disaster. Probably doable mid 40s with an additional person. Комментарий от spe Wow this was really bad.

I ran through the mobs on my mount to find the guy and lost half my health. The first ambush with 3 scorpids also pulled in a nearby hyena and basilisk really hard im 44 hunter. Комментарий от insinu8 I completed this as a lvl45 frost mage.

I then followed the chicken so I could see what his next encounter would be. It was always only one mob except once, when he got a basilisk and a hyena. I stood back and let him handle it for the most part, only using my wand to make sure the mob died before senor el-cluck-o. As soon as the warning about the wastewanderers came, I blinked forward with my ice barrier on to grab aggro, then led them towards the ocean until the chicken was past. I blinked again to catch up and then followed him the rest of the way dealing with the single mob encounters as I did between ambushes.

Be sure you have your mana crystal created ahead of time. Комментарий от fatboysliminacan Does anyone know if the second part is shareable? I cant seem to get the drop for the life of me. I am a lvl 80 and mayhave picked it up a long ime ago but i dot have it now and i dont have a!

Комментарий от illwillSE Soloed on a lvl80 dk with pvpgear, no problems! Комментарий от ruboxxx Another good quest to combine with this quest is Tanaris Field Sampling , because on the way you encounter alot of the mobs that you need to test for the quest.

Keep in mind though from the looks of it, this is a Horde only quest though. Комментарий от Kyuudo This horrible quest got an absolutely wonderful update for patch 3. I assume the other chicken escorts got updated similarly.

Комментарий от Nimblewright Alright, so I Level 45 Rogue did this quest for the first time only to be chopped down unexpectedly by three scorpids and a wandering earth elemental. I had already used up my resources bandages, potions and special abilities while battling the other critters along the way, so I was doomed with half-health by the time I got to the end with no chance of refueling. I traveled back to the crash site to do this quest again, this time taking down the wandering beasts with minimum effort.

I also remained stealthed alongside chickenbot. Surprisingly, when I got down to the site where the scorpids spawned I remained in stealth there was Комментарий от Hybr1d This has been made a hundred times easier. It now spawns 3 Dunemaul Scorpions roughly west of the bottom part of CoT and once you kill those you will have completed your quest. You no longer have to go all the way up to Steamwheedle Port for it to complete.

Soloed as 45 rogue, quest was orange. Комментарий от Snowie BUT I DONT FEEL LIKE ESCORTING A CHICKEN! Комментарий от Mascotte Worth to note that this quest gives a whole lot more xp then its listed for: Комментарий от thelazypeon lol quest bugged for before where the 3 scorpions usually spawn. Marked as completed and the chicken flew off into the sky. Комментарий от Bodisaufa I just solod this quest with my lvl 47 warrior easy.

The quest now ends immediately after the ambush, which occurs just before you get to the entrance to Caverns of Time. Комментарий от Liince I found the three chickens, but neither one talks to me, do I have to do some quest before this? Комментарий от Sebacea I just completed this quest, and there were no Wastewanders for me.

Has anyone else done this with no Wastewanders lately? Комментарий от Poncho I just soloed this quest as a level 43 restoration druid. I only had to fight a hyena and a group of three scorpids. Комментарий от khubajsn I did this quest right now and it did not stop near Caverns of Time, but it went to Steamwheedle port. Комментарий от Snore To make this simple for everyone. Now you will see a few quest IDs, there are the quests you have not completed yet. This is how you can read the IDs: So if you want to check the quests for another character you would need to wait a minute.

Комментарий от themis i already did 1 escort Комментарий от Sedach how do i get to booty bay? Комментарий от Wrailyn My Wowhead looter says that I completed the "find" portion of this quest but not the "rescue" portion. If not, any ideas on how to proceed? Комментарий от hefron You will get credit for this quest while doing this in raid. Комментарий от sandyra For those trying to hunt down: Killed some stalkers, some trolls, some owlbeasts about 20 all told As recommended by many other posters, Feral Scar Yetis - dropped on my first kill Only available if you have not already completed the quest.

Yes these still drop in Mists of Pandaria. It WILL eventually drop - some days RNG is your best friend, other days you want to repeatedly punch a kitten or other obscenely fluffy creature just to illustrate how cruel the universe can be. The command to check if you have completed ANY of the distress beacon quests is here special thanks to MrsSushi for locating the updated version of this as of 5. Tanaris 1 Complete 2 Complete Hinterlands 1 Complete 2 Complete Feralas 1 Incomplete 2 Incomplete. Комментарий от 84M81 Make sure to have good connection when you do the quest!

So if you lag, wait until you get better connection! Комментарий от Vlad If you got lost and not sure what you did, or have to do, use this macro to figure out where you currently stand: The time it takes me to go there and come back, I could have done 2 or 3 more quests of equal value. Комментарий от roxstuck You all think you had problems, I got to Booty Bay right in the middle of a pirate war! After I got trapped behind the waterfall and was slowly killed by a level Комментарий от OwlDark Today I got guest this.

I cannot even begin to express my thanks for your assistance! My homing robot series needs more developing, but your recovery has saved me countless hours of rebuilding time, as well as many gold pieces in rebinding costs! Please, take your choice of any of these items I have. Hopefully, you will make good use of one of them. Thank you again for your generous assistance, my robots and I are in your debt! При написании комментария, просим вас не забывать про следующее: Ваш комментарий должен быть на русском языке, иначе он будет удален.

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Скриншоты, содержащие элементы интерфейса, по общему правилу, удаляются сразу. Это же относится и к скриншотам, полученным с помощью Просмотрщика моделей или окна выбора персонажа. Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с нашими требованиями к скриншотам перед их отправкой на рассмотрение. Введите URL видео на YouTube в форму ниже. Он устанавливает и обновляет аддон Wowhead Looter , который собирает данные, пока вы играете!

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